DIT Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

Change is satisfying. A new fall haircut,  scarf or flowers can make us feel rejuvenated. With recent home changes for Amanda and I, we’ve been busy with new home decor. Besides Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, change is in the air.

Over the past month, I completed a DIY kitchen cabinet reno. The cabinet was a curbside find about a year ago. I was eager to freshin’ it up but life seemed to get in the way.


The project was completed within a couple of hours. I love the results and it match the grey shades of my new kitchen.


1) Greystone Winter paint (Origins by Benjamin Moore), two coats
2) Two new cast iron knobs Kent Building Supplies)
3) Storage Basket (HomeSense)


Joe Fresh makes attending weddings easy

Before heading out of the city last Friday, I popped by Joe Fresh to pick up a few last minute items. While in cosmetics,  I came across this ‘nifty’ compact. The compact includes three eye shadows, an eye shadow brush and a sheer gloss. Not to mention a mirror for fast applications. It was no trouble fitting it into a small clutch and quickly turned my look from day-to-night. It retails for $12 but luckily I struck a deal for $5.77 (Halifax locations). Ladies, I suggest picking one up before wedding season comes to an end.


Flowers, barbequed veggies and denim

What do flower beds, barbequed veggies and denim have in common? COLOUR. At every turn, summer brings out the most wonderful colours. Pairing neutrals with fresh denim is a must in a girl’s summer wardrobe.

With today being ‘Casual Friday,’ what better way to celebrate the end of the workweek then with denim. What’s your favorite summer shade? I’m still on the lookout for a peachy-coral solid or a fun pattern.

cn7390191 cn7470092 cn7796048 cn7848298

All available at www.gap.com.


Trending summer locks

May is finally upon us. Here are some hot hair trends to watch  for this summer. My personal favorite is the long bob!

The Long Bob
long bob
Have you been sporting your luscious long locks for year? Now’s your chance to chop it off into a sexy ‘long bob.’

A new colouring technique called ‘splashlights‘ creates a ‘beam of light’ effect.

A softer ombre, called ‘sombre,’ creates a sun kissed look.

The Wide Part
Trending is the wide side,  to highlight beautiful cheek bones and bold lip statements.

Brighten up your spring with a funky scarf

This weekend I popped by Joe Fresh and discovered an easy way to change my look for spring. If you want an affordable way to revamp your look, try purchasing a couple new accessories. Joe Fresh has beautiful line of scarves to freshen us up starting at only $10.

I purchased this summery looking gem and I love it. In fact I wore it two days back-to-back. For those in the summer and spring palette this is definitely a solid choice.
Joe Fresh |Contrast Stripe Scarf | $10

Other loves…
Joe Fresh | Neon Stripe Scarf | $16

Joe Fresh | Ombre Scarf – Yellow | $12

Breaking down burgers one CUT at a time

Despite the  snow, Haloginans got together to celebrate the second annual Halifax Burger Week. The celebration was extended by one day running from March 20-27th. Although we only took part in two burger nights out, we enjoyed every once of it. We ended burger week on a high note at CUT Steakhouse & Urban Grill.

The Burger:
Gangnam Burger: Six ounces of Nova Scotia AAA Black Angus ground beef cooked on our 1,500-degree broiler with gochujang aioli and kimchi, on a house-made bun.
Burger price: $7
Feed Nova Scotia donation: $2

Ginger Carrot Soup: topped with cilantro
Cost: $4

Our Take:

  • Burger review: For those who like to spice it up, this burger is for you. Luckily, both of us like the heat and it was just what we needed after a winter storm. The bun wasn’t as soft as we had heard in reviews but none the less, still delicious.
  • Soup review: Although we’re probably partial to carrot and ginger soups this was the perfect combination of texture and taste. It wasn’t as thick as other purees I’ve tried but this was topped with cilantro which made it extra flavorful. We recommend this soup.


Besides the great food the atmosphere and service was fantastic. We already want to go back and try out their patio. CUT was a great choice to end burger week, we both wish we had gone there sooner.

Fresh paint colours for spring

Spring has hit! We’re ditching the boots, throwing on the flats and reintroducing colour into our closets. So what about sprucing up that room you’ve been neglecting? Last July, I finally picked up a paint brush and got busy. The new colour completely changed the look and feel of the space. Feeling the itch to make some changes again, I’m going to suggest two of my favorite paint choices for 2014.

1. Grey
I chose Monorail Silver for my dinning room and hall. I love this shade with white accents and or dark wood. It’s fresh, trendy and I’ve yet to be sick of this colour. I would highly recommend for a bedroom or bathroom.

Try: Monorail Silver SW 7663 by Sherwin-Williams

2. Cream
Nothing is more timeless than a neutral cream or better yet, eggshell. Pairing this shade with wood, or a pop of colour is rich and luxurious.
Try: Cotton White S7104 by Sherwin-Williams

Kicks unleashed: reviewing trending sneakers

As of this weekend, we can officially say it’s spring. Yet it may be July before we see green in parts of Atlantic Canada. With the nicer weather approaching, it’s time to get back on the asphalt. Over the years, I’ve gone through a few pairs of sneakers. Here’s my feedback to help those in need of finding the perfect pair of kicks to jump start your season.

Nike Free 4.0 v2
Initially, I was drawn to Nike Frees for their minimus style and urban colour choices.  The Frees are trendy and come in the best colours. These shoes aren’t cheap and as a consumer you’re definitely paying for the Nike symbol. I’d recommend these sneakers for short distance runners or beginners. I found they loss their shape quickly. For those running 5km/ 4-5 times per week they may only last a couple of months. After a few instances where I went over on my ankle, it was time to purchase a new pair.

: light weight, great look, comfy, fun colours
Cons: little structure, wider width
Length: 2 months


Switching from a New Balance to Saucony was an easy transition at the time. A similar look to Asics, I purchased these sneakers based on the added structure with still being light weight. The first few months I had amazing runs. At about the 12 week mark, their form significantly changed. The once bounce and support suddenly disintegrated and the sneakers were falling apart. I was really disappointed compared to their initial quality.  I’d recommend this sneaker to those not on a budget as they need to be replaced after 3 months.

: good structure,  light wight
Cons: not the best look, short life
Lasts: 3 months

BROOKS Pure Flow

I had purchased these sneakers in the States a few years ago. These sneakers held up. They had a great structure and were light weight. I could run all year round with these shoes and still own them. The downside to the sneakers are the price. They’re around the $140 mark and you can’t typically find a sale. For those getting into running and want a good bang for your buck, these are your sneakers.

Pros: strong structure
Cons: look is better than average, cost is above average $140+
Lasts:  6+ months
Brooks Pure Flow Women's[3]

After a few running injuries, I gave into these sneakers. Since owning these babies I’ve had zero injuries. Mind you I’m more aware of post-run stretching and knowing when to give your body a break. These continue to look new. They’re not as light wight as the Frees or Brooks but their structure is unbeatable. They’ve made me a more comfortable runner and I would promote this sneaker time and time again. Go Asics!

Pros: strong structure
Cons: Not the sleekest look, cost is average or above ranging from $110-140
Lasts: 6+ months