Shop Around Halifax: Weekend deal recap

After spending the vast majority christmas shopping*, Jocelyn and I thought we should share some of our deals.  Some people are passionate about a hockey team, but for us our true passion and thrills in life come out of a great deal!

Boots Deal:

Most of us grew up with a Reitman’s and swore once we were old enough to never be forced to shop there again.  This store is a guilty pleasure, as they often have a few select pieces that are on trend for a great price. They have also carried boots and shoes for the past 4 years.  This weekend Jocelyn and I bought these really comfy western ankle booties for $20.00!! They are sold out online, but if you are looking for a trendy boot to add to your collecion, head into Reitman’s ASAP.

Available in suede and leather

Available in suede and leather

These are more of a great subtle burgundy in person.

These are more of a great subtle burgundy in person.

Clothing Deal:

I love Hudson’s Bay aka The Bay. Almost as much as I love Winners. This weekend was no exception.   Friday night we headed to Mic Mac Mall and scrummaged. They had deals on EVERYTHING. Marked down clothes were an extra 25% off. Regular prices were 40% off, so you really couldn’t go wrong.  I happen to really like the Jessica Simpson line, which isn’t to say I like Jessica Simpson celebrity. I decided to add more flair to my wardrobe and bought a pair of eclipse chords for $22.00 including taxes.

Eclipse means purplish blue.

Eclipse means purplish blue.

I also found a jean jacket for next spring/summer (this will be a long winter). It has an embroidery detail on the back (may update with a picture) and was only $22.00 with taxes again.

This was long overdue

This was a long overdue purchase

Stay tuned for more deals from the best shoppers in Halifax!

*Amanda Note: I use this term christmas shopping losely, as it turned into personal shopping as well.


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