We’re INTO IT: flawless finish-Marcelle, Maybelline & Vichy

Between work, the gym, meal planning and Christmas errands the December stress can add up and have a major effect on our skin. Figuring out what products work best is always a challenge, especially when there are always new options. We’ve figured out some reliable cosmetic options to help you have flawless coverage.

Marcelle Hydra-C Ultra Light Matifying Fluid


Hydra-C Ultra Light Matifying Fluid nourishes your skin without shine. It’s a fantastic primer for a soft finish. Whether this is your only product or the first step of your routine it’s a definite MUST try.It retails for $23.95.

Maybeline SuperStay 24HR Concealer


Maybeline SuperStay 24HR Concealer  evens skin tones, hides redness and covers blemishes. It really does last a good 8 hours and retails for $11.99.



Vichy DERMABLEND¬† this is by far the best foundation I’ve tried in years. This product lasts, provides full coverage and feels light. It retails for $29.00.


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