Jump-start your workout

If you’re anything like me you’ve grown tired of cardio routines. A great way to kick up 2014 is to incorporate skipping as a part of your workout.

Ladies, this activity doesn’t happen over night and it’s going to come with practice. Skipping not only makes you sweat, it increases your heart rate, it’s affordable and you don’t need a gym to feel the burn. Plus, it’s a lower impact activity to running, making it easier on your joints with minimal risk of injury. Try not to go over board on your first try. Skipping 60-70 times per minute is a great starting place.

Calories burned: 10 minutes= 115+ calories burned


  • Calves (pushing off the ground)
  • Quadriceps (front leg)
  • Hamstrings (back leg)
  • Glutes



How to re-use your holiday dresses

C’mon ladies, we went out and sported new dresses this holiday. With boxing day sales, we went over board, spent our gift money on sparkles and a new attire for parties. With that in mind, it’s always nice to re-use our dresses by changing our look or toning down our cocktail dresses. Here are a few suggestions to change up your holidays looks:

Going Out
1.  Statement Necklace: If your dress was a neutral colour, try adding a bright, chunky necklace.  I bought a gold statement necklace that works with many looks.
Available online at RW & Co  for $9.99 .

2.  Scarf: Is a great way to town down an outfit. Winners has great selection of infinity scarfs. I bought a snazzy Calvin Klein infinity that pairs nicely with many items.
Calvin Klein chevron gold scarf available at Winners or Macy’s for only $29.99.

3. Blazer: A blazer is always a great option for toning down a look and turning them into business appropriate. Remember to stick to solid colours if pairing with print. Buyers note is to buy a slimmer fit to not add extra bulk to your middle section.

Available on clearance at Target for $19.99 or $5.00 (boxing week sales).