How to re-use your holiday dresses

C’mon ladies, we went out and sported new dresses this holiday. With boxing day sales, we went over board, spent our gift money on sparkles and a new attire for parties. With that in mind, it’s always nice to re-use our dresses by changing our look or toning down our cocktail dresses. Here are a few suggestions to change up your holidays looks:

Going Out
1.  Statement Necklace: If your dress was a neutral colour, try adding a bright, chunky necklace.  I bought a gold statement necklace that works with many looks.
Available online at RW & Co  for $9.99 .

2.  Scarf: Is a great way to town down an outfit. Winners has great selection of infinity scarfs. I bought a snazzy Calvin Klein infinity that pairs nicely with many items.
Calvin Klein chevron gold scarf available at Winners or Macy’s for only $29.99.

3. Blazer: A blazer is always a great option for toning down a look and turning them into business appropriate. Remember to stick to solid colours if pairing with print. Buyers note is to buy a slimmer fit to not add extra bulk to your middle section.

Available on clearance at Target for $19.99 or $5.00 (boxing week sales).


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