Flowers, barbequed veggies and denim

What do flower beds, barbequed veggies and denim have in common? COLOUR. At every turn, summer brings out the most wonderful colours. Pairing neutrals with fresh denim is a must in a girl’s summer wardrobe.

With today being ‘Casual Friday,’ what better way to celebrate the end of the workweek then with denim. What’s your favorite summer shade? I’m still on the lookout for a peachy-coral solid or a fun pattern.

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Trending summer locks

May is finally upon us. Here are some hot hair trends to watch  for this summer. My personal favorite is the long bob!

The Long Bob
long bob
Have you been sporting your luscious long locks for year? Now’s your chance to chop it off into a sexy ‘long bob.’

A new colouring technique called ‘splashlights‘ creates a ‘beam of light’ effect.

A softer ombre, called ‘sombre,’ creates a sun kissed look.

The Wide Part
Trending is the wide side,  to highlight beautiful cheek bones and bold lip statements.