Breaking down burgers one CUT at a time

Despite the  snow, Haloginans got together to celebrate the second annual Halifax Burger Week. The celebration was extended by one day running from March 20-27th. Although we only took part in two burger nights out, we enjoyed every once of it. We ended burger week on a high note at CUT Steakhouse & Urban Grill.

The Burger:
Gangnam Burger: Six ounces of Nova Scotia AAA Black Angus ground beef cooked on our 1,500-degree broiler with gochujang aioli and kimchi, on a house-made bun.
Burger price: $7
Feed Nova Scotia donation: $2

Ginger Carrot Soup: topped with cilantro
Cost: $4

Our Take:

  • Burger review: For those who like to spice it up, this burger is for you. Luckily, both of us like the heat and it was just what we needed after a winter storm. The bun wasn’t as soft as we had heard in reviews but none the less, still delicious.
  • Soup review: Although we’re probably partial to carrot and ginger soups this was the perfect combination of texture and taste. It wasn’t as thick as other purees I’ve tried but this was topped with cilantro which made it extra flavorful. We recommend this soup.


Besides the great food the atmosphere and service was fantastic. We already want to go back and try out their patio. CUT was a great choice to end burger week, we both wish we had gone there sooner.


Three ideas to gear up for spring

With the time change in full swing, we’re finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. There’s day light beyond 4:30; it’s brilliant. For those of you who can’t venture to a tropical destination, I have a few solutions to help you gear up for spring.

Bring spring inside:
One thing we tend to neglect is bringing fresh flowers inside. Even if things fall off the rails throughout the week, a floral arrangement seems to make everything look better. As many would agree, tulips are always a spring favorite. Plus, they’re so many colours to choose from. My personal favorite is coral. I love this arrangement in grey or neutral painted rooms.


A more affordable alternative to tulips, is babies breath. Not only is it a pop of freshness but they also have a longer lifespan than most flowers.

Ditch the boots:
Aren’t we all sick of carrying those heavy sluggers around? Even if the weather suggests boots, bring your flats inside. You’ll be the envy of the office as the first to sport a flirty flat. We’ve almost forgot the fun of pairing shoes with tapered trousers.


Be practical and cute:
Noting screams spring like carrying an umbrella. The benefit, you’ll be prepared for the days when snow turns into rain. A great place to purchase a new umbrella is at Halifax’s General Biscuit.


Sochi 2014: the good, the bad and well the just plain ugly

The winter chaos of 2014 has really hit us poor bloggers. Despite the winter blues, the  Winter Olympics have really brightened days and well maybe given us an excuse to sit bad and veg. It’s the one time every four years where we can cheer for the same team–Canada.  Day one of the Games sparked an interest for us fashion lovers from Halifax.

The Opening Ceremonies have always been an exciting moment, as the Olympics showcases 88 winter looks.

The Good:

Canadian HBC swag:

Our only beef with our 2014 attire is how much it resembled Vancouver 2010. Check out the 2014 Team Canada Collection, now available at Hudson’s Bay.

HBC’s 2010 Team Canada Collection


HBC’s 2014 Team Canada Collection

My absolute favorite piece, as seen by the Canadian Olympians is the infamous starlet red Wool Duffle Coat.

The Red Duffle Coat, available at Hudson’s Bay.

Dufour Lapointe Sisters:

The Today Show Gallery of Olympians

The three Canadian Dufour Lapointe sisters: Chloe, Justine and Maxime. How could one family produce that much beauty? Jealously in inevitable with these talented sisters. Loving the locks as well.

The Bad and Ugly:

Team USA’s Olympic Collection:
The worst part is that there are so many better looks from the Raulph Lauren’s USA Olympic Collection.

Our overall favorite moment thus far…


Shout out to Ashley Wagner from Team USA, “BULLSHIT.” 

Shop Around Halifax: Weekend deal recap

After spending the vast majority christmas shopping*, Jocelyn and I thought we should share some of our deals.  Some people are passionate about a hockey team, but for us our true passion and thrills in life come out of a great deal!

Boots Deal:

Most of us grew up with a Reitman’s and swore once we were old enough to never be forced to shop there again.  This store is a guilty pleasure, as they often have a few select pieces that are on trend for a great price. They have also carried boots and shoes for the past 4 years.  This weekend Jocelyn and I bought these really comfy western ankle booties for $20.00!! They are sold out online, but if you are looking for a trendy boot to add to your collecion, head into Reitman’s ASAP.

Available in suede and leather

Available in suede and leather

These are more of a great subtle burgundy in person.

These are more of a great subtle burgundy in person.

Clothing Deal:

I love Hudson’s Bay aka The Bay. Almost as much as I love Winners. This weekend was no exception.   Friday night we headed to Mic Mac Mall and scrummaged. They had deals on EVERYTHING. Marked down clothes were an extra 25% off. Regular prices were 40% off, so you really couldn’t go wrong.  I happen to really like the Jessica Simpson line, which isn’t to say I like Jessica Simpson celebrity. I decided to add more flair to my wardrobe and bought a pair of eclipse chords for $22.00 including taxes.

Eclipse means purplish blue.

Eclipse means purplish blue.

I also found a jean jacket for next spring/summer (this will be a long winter). It has an embroidery detail on the back (may update with a picture) and was only $22.00 with taxes again.

This was long overdue

This was a long overdue purchase

Stay tuned for more deals from the best shoppers in Halifax!

*Amanda Note: I use this term christmas shopping losely, as it turned into personal shopping as well.

Trending Kate Spade

Chapters Indigo introduces Kate Spade New York.

During our shopping madness, Amanda and I returned to Chapters. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any sales items this weekend. Despite the disappointment, we were pleasantly surprised to find a line from Kate Spade New York. There are some fantastic gift ideas for under $30. I’m totally in love. If only someone would be clever enough to pick something up for me. Any takers?

My favorite item were these fabulous bow push pins for $24.

My second favorite item, the eraser set for $12. It’s practical and cute.