Brighten up your spring with a funky scarf

This weekend I popped by Joe Fresh and discovered an easy way to change my look for spring. If you want an affordable way to revamp your look, try purchasing a couple new accessories. Joe Fresh has beautiful line of scarves to freshen us up starting at only $10.

I purchased this summery looking gem and I love it. In fact I wore it two days back-to-back. For those in the summer and spring palette this is definitely a solid choice.
Joe Fresh |Contrast Stripe Scarf | $10

Other loves…
Joe Fresh | Neon Stripe Scarf | $16

Joe Fresh | Ombre Scarf – Yellow | $12


Spruce up your holidays

Sprucing up your winter wardrobe can be fun and easy. It’s a great time to jazz up your closet with sparkles, metallics and wool. With that being said, one must remember to balance with neutrals and be tasteful. Here are some pieces to add to your winter attire. I’ve kept things on the affordable end to keep us on budget.

The Family Picture: a wool scarf
Adding a wool scarf with a touch of glam can bring any outfit from fall to winter in a matter of seconds. It’s nice to have a couple options on hand to change up your look for holiday pictures. Our favorite colours are beige, cream and black. Infinity or the classic wool scarf can be a tad on the expensive end so take your time with this purchase. We’ve both had success at Target, RW & Co. and Joe Fresh.

sequence scarf
Cream and black striped sequin scarf only $16.99, now available at Joe Fresh.

The Kitchen Party: a statement sweater
For the past two seasons, Amanda and I have rocked the statement holiday sweater. They seem to have grown in popularity and are a perfect touch to any party. A blush, cream or black paired with black tapered leggings remains timeless.  Take this look to the next level by pairing your sweater with a semi leather legging. We’ve had success at a number of stores the past two years. I found some great metallics and neutral sweaters online at Joe Fresh and they’re sale.

statement sweater
Black sequin sweater from $39.99 now $19.00, now available at Joe Fresh.

The Post-Christmas Party: a winter headband
A winter headband remains one of my favorite looks this season. This timeless piece has yet to go out of style for 2014.  Not only does it keep our ears toasty but it’s a great way to add a pop of colour, especially when we’re suffering from a lack of vitamin D. (It’s also an option for a post Christmas party hair day). I recently purchased this fuschia coloured band from Target.

Winter band only $12.99, now available at Target.

The Cabin: anything plaid
Okay, maybe it’s our Scottish roots but we love, love, love our plaid. This is a look that can transfer from fall to winter. Is you’re out an about for some outdoor fun, heading to a cabin or grabbing a beer with the guys this looks rocks. You’ll look low key and feel warm at the same time. When buying a plaid button up remember to find a tailored fit.  I stayed on budged for 3/4 items but this J Crew button-up is simply perfect. plaid
Deep Ivy Plaid shirt now available at J Crew.