Kicks unleashed: reviewing trending sneakers

As of this weekend, we can officially say it’s spring. Yet it may be July before we see green in parts of Atlantic Canada. With the nicer weather approaching, it’s time to get back on the asphalt. Over the years, I’ve gone through a few pairs of sneakers. Here’s my feedback to help those in need of finding the perfect pair of kicks to jump start your season.

Nike Free 4.0 v2
Initially, I was drawn to Nike Frees for their minimus style and urban colour choices.  The Frees are trendy and come in the best colours. These shoes aren’t cheap and as a consumer you’re definitely paying for the Nike symbol. I’d recommend these sneakers for short distance runners or beginners. I found they loss their shape quickly. For those running 5km/ 4-5 times per week they may only last a couple of months. After a few instances where I went over on my ankle, it was time to purchase a new pair.

: light weight, great look, comfy, fun colours
Cons: little structure, wider width
Length: 2 months


Switching from a New Balance to Saucony was an easy transition at the time. A similar look to Asics, I purchased these sneakers based on the added structure with still being light weight. The first few months I had amazing runs. At about the 12 week mark, their form significantly changed. The once bounce and support suddenly disintegrated and the sneakers were falling apart. I was really disappointed compared to their initial quality.  I’d recommend this sneaker to those not on a budget as they need to be replaced after 3 months.

: good structure,  light wight
Cons: not the best look, short life
Lasts: 3 months

BROOKS Pure Flow

I had purchased these sneakers in the States a few years ago. These sneakers held up. They had a great structure and were light weight. I could run all year round with these shoes and still own them. The downside to the sneakers are the price. They’re around the $140 mark and you can’t typically find a sale. For those getting into running and want a good bang for your buck, these are your sneakers.

Pros: strong structure
Cons: look is better than average, cost is above average $140+
Lasts:  6+ months
Brooks Pure Flow Women's[3]

After a few running injuries, I gave into these sneakers. Since owning these babies I’ve had zero injuries. Mind you I’m more aware of post-run stretching and knowing when to give your body a break. These continue to look new. They’re not as light wight as the Frees or Brooks but their structure is unbeatable. They’ve made me a more comfortable runner and I would promote this sneaker time and time again. Go Asics!

Pros: strong structure
Cons: Not the sleekest look, cost is average or above ranging from $110-140
Lasts: 6+ months



May your days be merry, green and bright

Trending this holiday season are electronic and personally designed cards. A few colleagues and close friends have been jumping on this bandwagon. This is the easiest way to send loved ones a holiday card where they can open anywhere around the world.

Sending an electronic card doesn’t have to be expensive. This season I sent holiday greetings using both Mail Chimp and Punchbowl. They’re both free and you can add your own touches and images for a small cost. The great part is that you can track how many people have opened your card, add recipients at anytime and even attach gift certificates. Save the worry and ‘go green’ this season.

Holiday Thank You

Shop Around Halifax: Weekend deal recap

After spending the vast majority christmas shopping*, Jocelyn and I thought we should share some of our deals.  Some people are passionate about a hockey team, but for us our true passion and thrills in life come out of a great deal!

Boots Deal:

Most of us grew up with a Reitman’s and swore once we were old enough to never be forced to shop there again.  This store is a guilty pleasure, as they often have a few select pieces that are on trend for a great price. They have also carried boots and shoes for the past 4 years.  This weekend Jocelyn and I bought these really comfy western ankle booties for $20.00!! They are sold out online, but if you are looking for a trendy boot to add to your collecion, head into Reitman’s ASAP.

Available in suede and leather

Available in suede and leather

These are more of a great subtle burgundy in person.

These are more of a great subtle burgundy in person.

Clothing Deal:

I love Hudson’s Bay aka The Bay. Almost as much as I love Winners. This weekend was no exception.   Friday night we headed to Mic Mac Mall and scrummaged. They had deals on EVERYTHING. Marked down clothes were an extra 25% off. Regular prices were 40% off, so you really couldn’t go wrong.  I happen to really like the Jessica Simpson line, which isn’t to say I like Jessica Simpson celebrity. I decided to add more flair to my wardrobe and bought a pair of eclipse chords for $22.00 including taxes.

Eclipse means purplish blue.

Eclipse means purplish blue.

I also found a jean jacket for next spring/summer (this will be a long winter). It has an embroidery detail on the back (may update with a picture) and was only $22.00 with taxes again.

This was long overdue

This was a long overdue purchase

Stay tuned for more deals from the best shoppers in Halifax!

*Amanda Note: I use this term christmas shopping losely, as it turned into personal shopping as well.